Keep Afloat

Ford, Susan
Ford, Susan

Greene, Cathrine (Susan Ford)

S. Ford (Cathrine Greene)
Etching, Intaglio, Woodcut, 2.5 x 3.75 inches

“Cathrine Greene (formerly Susan Ford) graduated with a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 1967. In 1977, having immigrated to Canada, she received an MA from the University of Calgary in Fine Arts. She has taught art at every level from Grade 1 through University degree programs. Her work is in many collections-national and international.”  From
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One thought on “Keep Afloat

  1. Hello! I am amazed to have discovered your site. Your activity of seeking out good art that has ended up in not-so-good situations strikes such a chord of response with me. And, you are in Edmonton.
    My backstory to discovering you is that this evening I was looking at my personal collection of art, and thinking, “I need to start recording in writing the provenance and value of some of these pieces”. I have more than 100 artworks in my tiny condo (many are small to medium-sized prints). They are hung everywhere! Hallways, bathrooms, laundry room, etc., and rotate frequently.
    Thank you for the information on Susan Ford (a.k.a. Cathrine Greene). Through you I have learned her new name and that she is still in Calgary. I own four of her prints, one of which would meet your Art Discarded criteria. I think I purchased a couple of them at The Quest, in Banff, in its better days. Memory fails me, but I think that when Susan Ford got her Masters at the U. of C., it was at about the same time that Andie Wicherts, ASA, got her degree in printmaking, and they might have set up a printmaking studio together. Andie still creates art in Calgary.
    Again, thanks for a delightful discovery, and best wishes.


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