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Arnaktauyok, Germaine (1946 -      )
Arnaktauyok, Germaine (1946 – )

Germaine Arnaktauyok (1946 –     )
Yellowknife, NWT,  Canada

Pencil on paper, 17 x 11 inches.

“Germaine Arnaktauyok  is an Inuk printmaker, painter, and drawer originating from the Igloolik area of Nunavut, then the Northwest Territories.  Arnaktauyok drew at an early age with any source of paper she could find.

The media she works with consists of lithographs, etchings, and serigraphs that illustrate Inuit myths and traditional ways of life from her past experiences and ancestral culture. Her designs are two-dimensional revealing expressive line work illustrations that indicate personal stories incorporated in the subject of past Inuit tales” from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germaine_Arnaktauyok


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