Untitled 854

Ellero, Peter

Carving, 3.5 x 3.5 x 3 Inches

Decal on bottom reads:

“Peter Ellero and Son Limited. 589 Lorne Street. Sudbury, ONT Canada”

For those interested I picked this off the internet at http://www.turnstone.ca/rom97py.htm

“A massive-sulphide rock carving, which at the initial time of writing was of unknown origin. The rock itself is granular and massive (i.e., lacking obvious directional structures, however caused), the grain size 1-2 mm. At first thought to be pyritic, on re-examination the sample shows a dappling between light and dark sulphide. The material is composed of approximately: 1) 15% pale pentlandite, an important nickel-iron sulphide with octahedral cleavage traces and a uniformly pale colour, mostly 1-2 mm across but occasionally as clots or “eyes” to 10 mm; 2) 60% dark-tarnishing pyrrhotite, a darker iron sulphide; 3) 23% of a fine-grained ferromagnesian silicate matrix, the “gangue”; and 4) 2% tawny yellow chalcopyrite, a copper-iron sulphide. The chalcopyrite indicates appreciable copper tenor, while the pentlandite is consistent with a magmatic sulphide ore rich in nickel, such as those won from the major mines in Sudbury, Ontario for nickel, copper, platinum-group elements and other associated metals.

The piece appears to be carved from a single piece of ore, with small ball bearings for eyes. ”

“Mr Ellero, it turns out, was a stone-cutter in Italy, and moved to Canada, first crafting some good curling stones of `black granite’ from the River Valley area, before becoming an underground miner at Sudbury in 1967, working in Inco’s Creighton mine. With a natural flair for his craft, passed down from his father and grandfather, he was soon turning out all manner of trophies, jewellery, bookends and other pieces in his own well-equipped workshop (Anon, 1968). This work was eventually continued under the mantle of Peter Ellero & Son Limited, first in Sudbury and then in Little Current, Ontario.”



Untitled 850

Unknown Artist (99055107)

Unknown Artist
Soapstone, 8x5x4 inches

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