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Frache, Don (1919-1994)

Don Frache (1919-1994)
Watercolour, 15 x 20.5 inches

“Frache’s oeuvre covered a wide range of subject matter, although his primary love was landscape and western history, he also painted a sizeable number of portraits. He was part of an early group of artists who took serious the development of a truly western based/Alberta art practice. Frache’s talent as a painter allowed him to depict contemporary Alberta and Albertans as well as recreating early scenes of settlement and development for those collectors hungry for images of Western Canada. His watercolors and oils offer images of the diversity of ranchland, farmland, mountains, forest, and prairie that make up the Western Canadian landscape. His palette displays the rich earthy colors and wide range of tonal values of those environments. ” from http://www.willockandsaxgallery.com/artists/frache.php#../images/Fdon2a.jpg

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