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Shaw, Sophia Podryhula
Shaw, Sophia Podryhula

Sophia Podryhula Shaw
Alberta, Canada
Oil on Canvas, 10 x 14 inches

“Born in Ukraine, raised in Sydney, Australia, and have settled in Edmonton since 1976. Education: Trained Nurse. Gained Triple Certificate – General, Obstetrics and Tresillian. While pursuing a career in Nursing, I attended the Sydney Technical College, Australia, to study Composition and Design. Other Art related studies were conducted at the Edmonton Art Gallery, Grant MacEwan Community College, and at the Alberta Culture Art Series in Red Deer. Artist’s Statement Nature Landscapes To be a landscape painter is to allow oneself the opportunity to explore and experience the natural habitat and it’s surroundings. To paint a landscape is to allow for emotional and philosophical essence of nature. ” from http://www.gustgallery.com/artists/shaw.html